Wednesday, October 13, 2010 | Video Review - Magpul Aerial Platform Operations

Magpul Dynamics: Aerial Platform Operations DVD

The aerial platform operations DVD put out by Magpul Dynamics is meant to serve the tactical professional of the Military, Park Services, Coast Guard, Law Enforcement, etc. industries.  While this may be intended for individuals that work in these arenas, it is also a very intriguing dvd for the weekend warrior that may want to learn more about his topic.  This is a very informative DVD on a topic that is very rarely discussed and the tactics and techniques are introduced by two great instructors, Travis Haley and Chris Costa.

While this is a very niche video it is also applicable for those that need to shoot from a moving platform, be it a Humvee, ship, or skateboard or any other form of transportation.  The instructors first go over some general safety precautions.  When you are shooting from a helicopter, there are a lot more considerations to keep in mind.  For example, Helicopters are both very expensive and very fragile machines.  A simple piece of brass in the tail rotor can potentially cause a catastrophic failure in the aircraft.  In addition to this, one must also be mindful of magazine changes, as dropping a mag into the trail rotor would definitely cause a shot ride down, if you catch my drift.  The basic premise is that very thing you do in a helicopter has to be carefully considered.  In accordance with this, it is highly suggested that you tether your weapon to the aircraft.  This tethering can aid in accuracy, as it will act as a support (particularly when dealing with heavy weaponry such as a M249 or M107) and will also ensure that your weapon does not suddenly become a UFO.  Travis also goes over several options for tethering yourself to the helicopter to ensure your safety.  He also bring of the issue of being overly restrained to the helicopter.  For instance, if the aircraft were to go down and you needed to evacuate immediately, a quick-release mechanism could potentially save your life.  Going with this, it is also suggested that if you are running a sling on your weapon, you should also make sure that is has a quick-release mechanism if the weapon were to get stuck and you needed to egress from the aircraft.

The instructors also go over shooting techniques for several weapons, including carbines, bolt-actions, belt-fed machine guns and even shotguns.  This is a very interesting and very informative DVD that is worth every penny.

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